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Best HEMA Longsword for Fencing in 2020 [13 Tournament-Grade Feders] 1. Regenyei Standard Feder. Made by renowned Hungarian swordsmith Péter Regenyei, this feder has raised the bar really... 2. Standard Federschwert by Szymon Chlebowski. Standard Federschwert by Szymon Chlebowski should get a lot. German longsword fighting techniques rely on combining attack with defense. The type of unarmored combat that is predominantly the study within German longsword fighting clubs is commonly called Blossfechten. It contains at its core four guards (sword stances) and five Master Strikes The HEMA longsword is a continuum of what is referred to today as the medieval knightly sword (also called an arming sword) and is able to utilize the same techniques. This type of sword was prevalent during the late medieval and Renaissance periods

Our #2 recommendation is the VB Techniques Longsword, which is a schilt-less federschwert produced by Viktor Berbekucz' forge. While we personally do not care much for the very square design of VB's handles and the wrapping, we do acknowledge VB produces excellent practice swords for entry level HEMA usage If you're looking for that classic steel longsword then this is the page to find the Regenyei Armory sword of your dreams! We carry the entire Regenyei Armory line of Standard Blunt Longswords and Custom Blunt Longswords. If you still don't see the perfect sword for you then go to our Custom Longsword page and special order it while choosing all your favorite hardware! While all the swords. Today we look at A list of some of the best longsword to use for HEMA in early 2020. Let us know what you thought of our picks, we would love to hear your th.. Medieval sword training in HEMA, or Historical European martial arts, is mostly focused on studying longsword techniques and styles of swordsmanship. Yet there are also people who study other types of swords, such as arming swords (also called a knightly sword) and messers (also called a Lange Messer). Quick Menu show table of content Longsword is by far the most popular weapon trained in HEMA today. In Germany over 92% of all clubs offer Longsword! The two most widespread traditions are the German school of Johannes Liechtenauer and the Italian school of Fiore dei Liberi. If you want to learn more about German longsword check out my guide on what it is

You can use these to see if a longsword is good for use in HEMA and that it will not result in an injury. A lot is left to personal taste, but these are the guidelines. Length - historically, most longswords seem to have been about 115cm (though there is need for more data points here). This has several explanations AF deluxe HEMA sparring mask (CE 350 N Certified) is composed of a facemask with a permanently fitted protective leather cover that is fixed on it, and a back head protector with a zipper. This mask is durable and safe enough to sustain the hits from all kinds of weapons, even longswords A blunt longsword is not the same thing as a longsword feder! Many clubs today exclusively use feder for training so if you are new to HEMA we recommend checking with your local club to see which you need before ordering. IMPORTANT: This form is currently under construction but still works

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HEMA Schwert, Dieses lange Schwert mit steifer Klinge ist für die Übungen historischer Schwertfechten geeignet. Die Schlagkante ist 2,5 mm, die Klinge ist mit Mittelgrat angefertigt. Fix (genieteter Knauf) oder zerlegbare Version nach, VB Swordshop GmbH Footwork is undoubtedly one of the most important skills to develop for any martial art, and HEMA longsword is no exception. I have the impression that people often become quite caught up with trying to integrate their footwork into their interpretations of techniques. Instead of making the technique work better, I think this tends to lead to confusion, and I believe it also makes it more. Our Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Sparring Longsword is designed for the rigours of the HEMA salle and is practically unbreakable. Its combination of durability and value for money make it a popular choice for HEMA schools around the globe. It comes in modular form with many options for customisation and is perfect for beginners. Our synthetic swords are also great for film and theatrical use.

Category: Martial Arts Tag: books, HEMA, Liechtenauer, longsword, review, translation, videos, website, Wiktenauer. Previous Post: « Review of the Destroyer Modz Roughneck gorget. Next Post: The importance of books 33: Cory Winslow » Primary Sidebar. Search this website. Hire Me to Teach. I teach lessons and workshops at several events every year, and I also teach seminars for clubs. axel vs scottlongsword sparring at http://www.ghfs.se http://www.ghfs.se HEMA GHFS HEMAC historical european martial arts waster steel longsword German Longsword - One of the largest HEMA disciplines, the Longsword was practised extensively between the early 15th and 17th Centuries. Messer, German for knife was a long blade designed to be a common sidearm for everyone, it was a popular weapon in the medieval German Schools of Fencing with many Masters writing about it. Intro . HEMA - Longsword. HEMA - Messer . Powered by Squarespace. Espoo HEMA: 1504.9 1.2 342: 1 Robert Williams: The School of the Sword: 1504.3 1.7 343: Patrick O'Neil: New York Historical Fencing Association: 1504.2 1.1 344: Robert N. Smith: Nickel City Longsword Academy: 1503.5 1.2 345: Efren Faraldo Figueira: Asociacion Naronesa de Esgrima Antigu

Best HEMA Longsword for Fencing in 2020 [13 Tournament

  1. Home Steel HEMA SwordsBlunt Longsword. Blunt Longsword. Showing 1-24 of 35 results. New! Kurfürst Longsword by Regenyei Armory $ 525.00 Read more; New! In-Stock! Unique Regenyei Longsword No. 1.
  2. HEMA Ratings Beta. Performance ratings for competitive HEMA. What's this? HEMA Ratings is an effort to collect results from as many HEMA tournaments as possible and present ratings generated based on those. Read more on the About page. Patreon. If you like HEMA Ratings, why not consider pledging a few dollars to our Patreon? As a supporter you'll get a nice badge on your fighter profile along.
  3. Solo drill of technique Oben Abnehmen for HEMA tournaments
  4. ~ HEMA tee for pandemic times:https://teespring.com/stay-out-of-melee-range-hemaSergey Kultaev vs Antoni Olbrychski [Men's Longsword Finals]Introduction: 0:0..

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What if there is no German longsword club near you? Even though HEMA is growing fast it's possible that there is no HEMA club near you. Well fear not, you wouldn't be the first to start your own HEMA club because you want to fence with swords that badly. I will write a separate in depth guide on how to start your own HEMA club soon, but for now the short version is this: To start with HEMA. -our longsword feders & arming swords (rev 2 tips) are approved for combat con 2021!- Krieger Armory takes pride in producing high quality swords for HEMA practitioners and sword enthusiasts Krieger Armory products are created with quality materials and assembled with attention and care

Historical European martial arts (HEMA) are martial arts of European origin, particularly using arts formerly practised, but having since died out or evolved into very different forms HEMA verwendet Cookies und ähnliche Technologien, um Ihnen ein optimales Benutzererlebnis zu bieten, Ihnen relevante Werbeanzeigen bereitzustellen und Ihr Surfverhalten nachzuverfolgen. Diese Cookies ermöglichen es HEMA oder ihren verbundenen Drittunternehmen, Ihr Surfverhalten auf dieser Website und auf den Websites Dritter zu überwachen. Somit ist HEMA in der Lage, Werbeanzeigen auf Ihre All swords in video are the Kvetun Feders, check out our review on them!Darkling Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributi.. Category: Martial Arts Tag: footwork, HEMA, longsword, Meyer, training. Previous Post: « The importance of books 36: Roberto Martinez-Loyo. Next Post: Five solo practice drills: Scottish broadsword » Primary Sidebar. Search this website. Hire Me to Teach. I teach lessons and workshops at several events every year, and I also teach seminars for clubs and schools. If you would like to hire me.

Browse new releases, best sellers or classics & Find your next favourite boo Learn how to use a longsword, a type of weapon characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use. The long sword is a continuum of the medieval knightly sword (also called an arming sword) and is able to utilize the same techniques. This type of sword was prevalent during the late medieval and Renaissance periods. The long sword is the most popular type of weapon studied.

Continue reading English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students → Posted in HEMA, WMA Tagged HEMA Curriculum, Techniques, and/or Interpretations Joachim Meyer, Getting the Point. August 24, 2020 August 25, 2020 Robert Kay Leave a comment. At my club, we practice a mixture of Fiore and Liechtenauer traditions with a slight emphasis on Liechtenauer. As I progressed through the. HEMA MISFITS (I don't do longsword) Maxime Chouinard —————— Historical Martial Arts Researcher. Menu. About; I Sell Swords; Show me some nice swords: How to talk to a German sword cutler in the 17th century. Some interesting excerpts from a travel book destined to French soldiers fighting around Strasbourg in 1635. Living off the sword under Napoleon : A history of the fencing. Longsword. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current class structure has been modified from the below. Classes are capped at 6 students and meet once a week in person. For more information please contact us. Introduction to German Longsword. Newcomers to HEMA start with one of our introductory classes, which runs for five weeks at two lessons. At CBA, all students start out learning German longsword and move on to incorporate more weapons as their skills develop. HEMA classes are only available to students at least 14 years old. HEMA has risen in popularity in recent years as an active past-time and a competitive sport. Beyond the historically significant techniques and weapons, CBA HEMA fencers are also invited to compete in local.

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Trade Orders. The HEMA Shop is part of The Knight Shop International Ltd, manufacturers and distributors for many of the products shown on this site. We currently supply businesses in Europe, USA and Australia and are always looking for new stockists. If you are a re-seller and interested in stocking our products please contact us on trade@theknightshop.com or call +44 (0) 1492 541300 and ask. What is HEMA? Historical European martial arts (HEMA) refers to martial arts of European origin (particularly fencing systems) which, though formerly practised, have since died out or evolved into very different forms. Read More. What Do We Train? We practice a wide variety of weapon arts, including German longsword, Scottish backsword, and Italian rapier. We also train some sword-free systems.

Regenyei Armory was one of the first modern producers of quality feder for today's HEMA enthusiast and have since become the standard by which all other feder compare. Known around the world for their agile handling, amazing balance, and top-tier durability they are the most trusted name in HEMA for quality feder. No matter which Regenyei feder you choose, you can't go wrong GERMAN LONGSWORD. SINGLE SWORD. DAGGER. RAPIER. UNARMED COMBAT. AMOURED FENCING. RINGEN. FECHTER CLASSES. PROTECT YOURSELF. BE IN THE VOR. BE EFFICIENT. BE DECEPTIVE . BE BRAVE. 5 TENETS OF SWORDSMANSHIP . GESELLE FECHTEN 2021! Welcome to the Geselle F echten 2021 Tournament Hosted by Cymbrogi WMA. DEMONSTRATE YOUR SKILLS! Compete with some of the world's top HEMA contesters! TBD! Check back.

Founded in 2004 and based in Taunton, Somerset; Taunton Longsword Association (TLA) is a club that researches, interprets, and trains members in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). TLA are 'lite' members of the Academy of Historical Arts (AHA), one of the foremost collectives of HEMA clubs in the UK. In 2017, TLA was accepted a HEMA manufacturers did a great job creating fencer-friendly gear, and we're here to review it. In this article, you'll find out everything about the most popular HEMA jackets. There were many awesome pieces to review, so it was actually hard to list them in order from best to not so best. You will get to know how much of protection each of them offers, how well they are made, what extra. 124 Fighting with the Longsword: Modern-day HEMA Practices Figure 5 - The Seven Swords fr om the Getty' s MS Ludwig XV 13 , fol. 32 Digital Image Courtesy of the Getty' s Open Content.

HEMA has many active and vibrant communities online where you can ask questions, learn new techniques, and find out what gear to buy. HEMA Facebook group - our official facebook group with 9,000+ members and growing. Western Martial Arts Reddit - This subreddit contains solid discussions on technique, equipment, and general fun HEMA stuff The London Longsword Academy (LLA) is the capital's foremost school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), run by world-renowned professional swordsman Dave Rawlings . Everyone is welcome to train, from beginners to expert martial artists, no matter what your age, gender or background may be. Here you will have the opportunity to study diverse medieval and Renaissance weapon styles.

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Red Dragon HEMA Protection . HEMA Head Protection; HEMA Throat Protection; HEMA Torso Protection; HEMA Groin Protection; HEMA Hand Protection; HEMA Arm Protection; HEMA Leg Protection; HEMA Bucklers; Red Dragon HEMA Bags; HEMA Medals; Red Dragon LARP; Red Dragon Clothing; Red Dragon Giftware; Home; Red Dragon - Home New Products. Red Dragon Combat - Bastard Sword. Excl. Tax: £125.00 Incl. Tax. HEMA Tournaments. All tournament participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a Tournament or Warrior Pass. * If you are competing in the HEMA tournaments make sure you are included on the list of registered tournament participants that will be made available. *There will be no cutting qualifiers required for any Longsword Tournament . Open Steel Longsword-Maximum 64 participants.

Drill Bits is a regular series of articles on drills for various HEMA styles. These drills can be worked into existing lesson plans and most can be easily modified for multiple weapon styles. Weapon style: Longsword or similar style cutting weapon Difficulty: Beginning to Intermediate (Fencers should already know basic footwork and simple attacks) A two-time parry-riposte using the. The HEMA BEGINNER'S PROGRAM is a seven-class course designed to give new students all the skills required to participate in the HEMA:Intermediate classes. It will introduce students to techniques and concepts fundamental to their study of Liechtenauer's Art of Fencing with the Longsword. The classes will give students opportunities to practice striking, parrying, footwork, and distance. Longsword. Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm Saturday 9:30-11:00am Our two Longsword classes are targeted at adults, focusing on physical conditioning and control with the most widely-used weapon in modern HEMA. All experience levels train together during this class, with experienced members frequently paired with newcomers to provide assistance

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It's hard to pick the best HEMA gloves for your money because everyone prefers their own weapons for sparring or dueling. But for us, because we like heavy feders, we think that the best possible tournament-grade gloves for hard battles are SPES Lobster Heavy HEMA Sparring Gloves. Once you buy these, only the sky's the limit Battle Born HEMA. Longsword Tournament in Nevada. Battle Born I. Battle Born HEMA. About Battle Born / Tournament Rules / Learn HEMA / Register / June 26, 2021: Battle Born Steel Longsword Tournament. Come for good company and good fencing. Steel Longsword Tournament Advanced Meyer Workshop with Ted Elsner. Tournament prizes will include an engraved Kvetun Federschwert, a copy of Capwell's. Club Manager, Longsword Drill Leader. Grew up in eastern Kentucky and is a Navy veteran. Practicing HEMA since 2014 and is a member of Sword Carolina Online Academy. Matthew also trains in Krav Maga at the Warrior Defense Lab under Master Eric Alfaro. Bill Ernoehazy. Instructor, Longsword. Naval veteran. Extensive training in the German longsword tradition. Has taught at several Western. Longsword HEMA. 237.00 € 5570 Kč. Functional Longsword for HEMA practicing with flexible blade and safety tip. Quantity. Add to basket. 125 cm / 95 cm / 1.6-1.7 Kg Categories: Hand-and-half swords, HEMA Swords Tags: HEMA, Late Gothic. Description; Additional information; For less total weight and less ballance please ask for light pommel. Possible blade flexibility: Hard. Least flexible. Longsword for HEMA and reenactment trainings, XIV-XVth Century: 160 € pc : Add to cart. Hex key/Allen key: 2 € pc : Add to cart. Sword upon French HEMA Group LUCTATIO 220 € pc : Add to cart. Meyer Rapier for HEMA fencing: 230 € pcs : Add to cart. Peasant knife for HEMA fencing: 180 € pcs : Add to cart. Peasant knife for HEMA fencing (light version) 180 € pcs : Add to cart. 3.

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  1. HEMA stands for historical European martial arts. Come study the longsword, rapier, and many other weapons
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  3. Winnipeg HEMA swordsmanship school focused on the Lichtenauer school of combat. We study Historical European Martial Arts and currently focus on German Longsword. In the future we plan to expand into Lang es Messer, Dagger, Wrestling, and Pollaxe
  4. HEMA Sword Fighting Classes. Sword to Sword offers classes five days a week in two Houston locations. Classes consist of warm-ups, instruction in German Longsword and Italian Rapier, intense physical conditioning, and end with open sparring. In addition to coached topics, Sword to Sword students are encouraged to branch out into training with different weapons from medieval and renaissance.

HEMA Ratings Beta. Ratings . Longsword (Steel, Mixed/Men) Longsword (Steel, Women) Longsword (Nylon, Mixed) Rapier & Dagger (Mixed) Single Rapier (Mixed) Sabre (Steel, Mixed/Men) Sword & Buckler (Steel, Mixed) Sidesword (Steel, Mixed) Singlestick (Mixed) Events; Fighters; Clubs; About; Contact ; Organizer tools . Fighter Finder 5000; Top Dawgs; Titan Clasher; Longsword (Mixed/Men, Steel. Event HEMA longsword Midwest Historical Fencing League Midwinter Armizare Open rapier tournament. Event, Featured, News. Western Martial Arts Workshop 2013 - After Action Review. October 3, 2013 gregm. Mark your calendars for September 2014! The Chicago Swordplay Guild and the DeKoven Foundation - the same team that have brought you WMAW for over a decade - are please to present an event. DriversThe distinguishing feature of HEMA is that there is no extant authoritative tradition of fencing practice; practitioners seek to distil the techniques from historical manuscripts and printed works produced roughly in the time from around 1400 to the 17 th C (for longsword). Interpretations of technique vary by source used and the personality of the modern interpreter. This makes for a. HEMA Tournaments. All tournament participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a Tournament or Warrior Pass. *If you are competing in the HEMA tournaments make sure you are included on the list of registered tournament participants that will be made available. *There will be no cutting qualifiers required for any Longsword Tournamen Historical European martial arts (HEMA) are martial arts of European origin, particularly using arts formerly practised, but having since died out or evolved into very different forms. The first page of the Codex Wallerstein shows the typical arms of 15th-century individual combat, including the longsword, rondel dagger, messer, sword-and-buckler, halberd, spear, and staff. While there is.

Beginner Longsword Exchanges I | Badlands HEMA. 4. Hey you! It's almost Wednesday! You know what that means? Time for another weekly Open Fight Night! This week we are in Kin Coulee Park! Find us by the band shelter from 5:00-7:00pm to check out the fights and participate in a FREE lesson in historical medieval combat. See you then! 2. It's that time of week again! Drop in from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Nashville HEMA classes *POSTPONED* this Tuesday *New start date - Tuesday May, 18th 6-8pm* Due to the high possibility of rain and thunderstorms this Tuesday, we will have to postpone Longsword classes tonight. Also, due to a scheduling conflict for an instructor we will need to delay our start date for 2 weeks, so classes will now begin.

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Hello HEMA friends!the new episode of the Longsword Beginners Guide, episode 15th, is now online! This time I explain how to deal with a combination of attacks.Check it out! Posted in Fiore de Liberi, Sigmund Ringeck | Tagged Fencing, guide, HEMA, Longsword, longsword beginners, medieval, Swordfighting, Swords, swordsman | Leave a comment. Spadone Sparring . Posted on August 26, 2020 by. These works are, in turn, interpreted by the HEMA community and form the body of HEMA longsword. [1] The German and Italian longsword fighting methods are similar in serval aspects. They both feature a system of guards and use the sword for both cuts and thrusts. The true edge (the edge that faces away from the user) is the primary cutting edge, but there are also several false edge (the edge. Hema KDF Longsword. Saved by Ritterschaft HEMA. 1. Hema Martial Arts Martial Arts Weapons Fight Techniques Martial Arts Techniques Historical European Martial Arts Fencing Sport Sword Fight Dynamic Poses Warrior Girl. More information... People also love these ideas.

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HEMA consists of combat techniques that date back to the 1300s and have been passed down through living traditions and a wide assortment of documented sources. At Sword to Sword we focus on the Kunst Des Fechtens, the Germanic 'arts of combat' from the 14th to 16th centuries. Our primary areas of study are the German longsword, sword and buckler, and rapier. We offer additional programs. The Sport Feder by Kingston Arms is purpose-built for HEMA club sparring and practice. The edges of the 9260 high carbon steel blade are thick and blunted for safety and to resist damage and wear on the edges. The last third of the blade toward to tip has significant flex to make it a safer practice sword when thrust at your sparring opponent - in addition to this, the tip is flared and. The longsword has been utilized since the ancient times where fencers during the mid-sixteenth century displayed that straight weapons were able to execute quicker thrusts in a more deceptive manner compared to semi-curved or curved blades. Katana VS Longsword. When it comes to the katana vs longsword, both were considered as established thrust and cut weapons and are both efficient for.

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HEMA Trainers. Remember to visit our Custom HEMA gallery to see even more custom pieces, hilts, handles, unique materials, and sharps! Custom Feder Tyrant Sabre Tyrant Sabre, Ring View Tyrant Sabre, Guard View Karabela Trainer Karabela Trainer (Handle Closeup) Meyer Rappier Meyer Rappier Polish Sabre with Thumb Ring Polish Sabre with Thumb Ring Polish Sabre with Thumb Ring Shashka Gymnasium. A close friend and I have recently developed an interest in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). HEMA is a combat sport based on weapon techniques taken from a variety of historical sources from the 14th to the early 20th centuries. We both have an affinity for the longsword, one of the core weapons of HEMA

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Harrisburg Longsword, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. 445 likes · 6 talking about this. Harrisburg Longsword SC is Historical European Martial Arts study group in the Harrisburg Area that focuses on.. courses. channels. lecture

AOA: sword fighting, HEMA (historical european martialA Brief Look at Stances & Guards of Medieval Longsword

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Longsword HEMA 125 cm / 95 cm / 1.6-1.7 Kg 237.00 € 5570 Kč Add to basket; Sidesword HEMA 105 cm / 89 cm / 1.3 Kg 268.00 € 6290 Kč Add to basket; Langmesser HEMA 92 cm / 72 cm / 1 Kg 211.00 € 4960 Kč Add to basket; HEMA Sabre 100 cm / 85 cm / 0.9 Kg 206.00 € 4840 Kč Add to basket; Thrusting one-handed sword HEMA Darksword Armory's HEMA Swords, WMA Swords & Stage weapons are specifically made for HEMA Combat, Western Martial Arts practitioners and theatrical groups.The swords are made following the requirements and guidelines of the Battle of the Nations, with sturdy 2mm edge and slightly rounded tips for safety. Responsive, safe and sturdy, our staff has produced these complex and functional. Longsword is, at least so far as the little press HEMA receives goes, the face of HEMA, and just as when one focuses on a face one can miss the rest of the body, the attention played to longsword can obscure other, equally valid HEMA pursuits.[1] I get that

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HEMA safety and preparatory classes taught in the Messer (Age: 16+) Intake every 3 months Regular Ongoing HEMA classes in Longsword, Spear, Sword and Buckler, Messer (Age: 16+) Rook Ongoing Youth Class with Foam swords (Age: 13 - 15+) info@bastionhema.com The team really engaged the students, and it was clear that a lot of thought and effort went into planning the programme. As well as being. He teaches HEMA professionally, often at international events, and has an interest in coaching instructors to become better teachers. His main area of expertise is fencing with the two-handed longsword according to the teachings of 15th century masters in the Liechtenauer tradition. However, he also enjoys fencing with the Scottish basket-hilted broadsword, with the sabre, and with a variety. New to HEMA? It's hard to know where to start. Let us help. Did you know that HEMA isn't comprised of a single martial art, rather multiple arts through the ages? Rapier from the renaissance. Sword and Buckler from the middle ages. Military Saber from the 18th & 19th centuries. The list goes on and on

Two Handed Medieval Sword (#1332) - Darksword Armory

AF Black Basic HEMA Mask by Absolute Fencing Gear - Note: A Deluxe version is also available with built in protection for the back of the head. Review here. Titan X-change HEMA Mask by Leon Paul - Review here and here and here. Standard Mask by That Guy's Products. HEMA FIE Mask 1600N by PBT Historical Fencing - Note: Also available in 350N. Longsword Program with WSTR @ Sword in the Scroll. Join A Class! BRASS FROG 2018 > SEE PHOTOS. 2019 Brass Frog Assault of Arms . The 7th annual Brass Frog Assault of Arms will be held on June 28-30th, 2019 in East Haddam, CT. Events will include: Military Sabre/Backsword, Smallsword, and Grand Baton. Read More. Our Instructors. These guys have been doing this badass stuff for years. Our. 2 Days of the Blade is a unique event with a rotating timetable, designed to give you the opportunity to work with some of the world's finest HEMA instructors. Attendance is capped at 66 places and students will take one workshop with each of our six event instructors, covering a broad range of different techniques and weapons Wolfshead Western Martial Arts are a HEMA group in Lincoln UK. This is your chance to learn how to learn actual sword combat! Our primary discipline is longsword although we also deal with tomahawk and knife, quarterstaff and British military sabre. We have also run events under the QuadroHEMiA banner. Our fantastic instructors are always happy to receive new initiates so have a look. The Longsword and Rapier in Hema. For those who enjoy longsword battles in films, television series, and even in animation, this fast growing sport is something one would definitely enjoy; this is called the longsword fighting which is referred to as the rebirth of a long-forgotten historical European martial arts. In this day and age, enthusiasts have grown interested in HEMA which includes.

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